The classical music tradition in India is based on the principles enunciated by sage Bharata and continues to be a form of meditation, concentration and worship. Love, humour, pathos, anger, heroism, terror, disgust, wonder and serenity are the nava rasas or nine basic emotions which are fundamental to all Indian aesthetics.The Raga, or musical mode, forms the basis of the entire musical event. The Raga is essentially an aesthetic rendering of the seven musical notes and each Raga has a specific movement and flavour.Tala is what binds music together. It is essentially a fixed time cycle for each rendition and repeats itself after completion of each cycle.

We at Raga Music School strive to teach our students the true colours and essence of Indian Classical music. Be it the Sitar, Tabla or vocals we excel in all and are proud of our excellent teaching faculty. We encourage you to take a tour of our site and if you have any questions please e-mail us and we will be happy to help you.

All Indian musicians belong to a particular gharana (house) or school. Each gharana has its own traditions and manner of rendition and these styles are fiercely guarded and maintained. We follow Ustad Vilayat Khan Gharana also known as Ustad Imdad Khan Gharana. We are highly privileged to have the blessings of Ustad Shujaat Khan as our mentor and guide, who is also the driving force behind our school.

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